Riding Kit List For Children

  • Minimum of 2 pair of jodhpurs
  • Boots with a heel
  • 2 towels (one for swimming)
  • Swimsuit
  • Small rucksack for day ride /swimming
  • Casual clothes for going out in the evening (Please try and keep clothes to a minimum)
  • Wet weather lightweight coat & trousers
  • A pair of old trainers for when you swim with the ponies
  • Small amount of pocket money (for cinema, swimming, sweets etc

We allow children to have mobile phones but for safety reasons they are not allowed to be switch on while riding and for the comfort of other guests are collected at 9 pm each evening and returned at 7 am in the morning. Please ensure your child is aware of this rule. Any mobile phones, cameras or expensive equipment is brought at the owners risk and we cannot be held responsible for the  loss or damage.


We will launder the clothes of children who are staying more than a week, unfortunately we are unable to do this if their stay is shorter.

You can also order and have made your Cornish Riding Holiday T shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie with a picture of your favourite horse and your name on it and take it home with you when you go. Contact Paul on 07745994527.

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